Motivation Theory

Leadership development and management by motivation

The Little Things Count

You know, I wouldn’t say I’m the programmer type although I have created a couple of small Opera widgets and Facebook apps. While I can work with JavaScript, PHP, and HTML  I’m the type who likes to be the visionary and paint the vision in large brush strokes. The one thing that really makes programming […]

Motivate Employees – Story Telling

Good leaders will know how to motivate their employees by telling good motivating stories. Story telling is an art, and if you do a good job telling a story, you will keep your audience captivated and make a strong point. As an example, below is a story I used to tell my team and other […]

Motivation Theory-Don’t Do This Cont…

Not everyone is supervisory or management material, that is a fact. More importantly, as a leader, rather than trying to motivate or “inspire” an employee with promise of a promotion, take the time to

Motivation Theory – Communication

Communication is the key to preventing problems in the work place. Not only can the lack of communication cause unwanted outcomes for specific situations, but lack of communication causes employees to feel as though they are not really part of a team. Communication in the workplace is usually thought of telling people what they need […]

Motivate With Competition

In a book titled “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, by Dale Carnegie, there is a story regarding a grain processing plant which was not meeting company goals. I don’t have the book in front of me, so I am only telling this story from memory. Please don’t be upset if it’s not 100% […]

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